121 Buffington Road, Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, NJ 07806
+973.724.CLUB (2582)

Sam Adam’s Pub

Sam Adam’s Pub

Duty Hours are Done, Let’s Have Some Fun!

Sam Adam’s Pub, or the 19th Hole of the Picatinny Golf Club, offers a modern gastropub atmosphere with brand-new flatscreens, perfect for watching this week’s game or your own personal media at a private event.
After all, what good is a shower or retirement party without an embarrassing slideshow?

Always on Tap

Of course, we keep Sam Adams staples on tap, but we also partner with local breweries to bring fresh season flavors to our patrons!

Subs & Grub

Everyone knows Sam’s Pub makes the best sandwiches and chips. We also offer an after-hours pub menu with wings and apps so good you won’t want to share.

Special Events

Sam’s is open to the public for private events. It also hosts a schedule of events exclusive to the Picatinny Arsenal community.
Be on the look-out for ticket sales!